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## Install a Gentoo nspawn Container on Ubuntu 17.04 on Digital Ocean.
Spin up an Ubuntu 17.04 droplet, because nspawn containers are slightly
more difficult with Ubuntu 16.04. Install systemd-container.
more difficult with Ubuntu 16.04. Install systemd-container. (This will also
work on your local workstation or laptop running Ubuntu 17.04.)
apt install systemd-container
@ -28,7 +29,7 @@ passwd
Because of how Digital Ocean sets up networking, if you want to subnet
Because of how Digital Ocean and Ubuntu set up networking, if you want to subnet
the container, start systemd-network (systemd-resolved is probably already running).
And optionally it's also pretty straightforward to create a /usr/portage directory
on the host operating system, and then bind that directory to the container.
@ -54,6 +55,16 @@ from the host, but not locale. And your MAKEOPTS="-j<some number>", some things
seem to not compile if your MAKEOPTS j number is more than the number of
cores on the host.
Testing this on a local machine, the nspawn container does not inherit the
correct time-zone, so from the container's command line
timedatectl set-timezone <some/time_zone>
[And here is what the Gentoo wiki has to say about setting the locale if you're concerned about that](,
again from the container's command line.
Your systemd-nspawn command will open up one root console, but if you use
a multi-plexer like byobu you can run additional sessions with machinectl
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# to power down the container
Before you can install anything, you'll need to update your portage tree,
and `emerge-webrsync` takes care of that easily enough.
If you want to update everything: `emerge -avDuN @world`
By default, any overlays will end up in /var/lib/layman.
If you need to build mono, it needs a kernel config. Depending on the host
operating system you might be able to find one at /proc/config.gz, or in the
/boot directory.
If you find yourself fetching git repos repeatedly,
you can add `EVCS_OFFLINE=1` temporarily in make.conf, and any ebuild that
depends on git-r3.eclass will stop fetching from git.