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- 'Home':
- 'Apt Pinning Artful Aardvark Packages in Xenial Xerus':
- 'LXD Container Home Server Networking For Dummies':
- 'LXD Container Foo':
- 'How To Reassign A Static Ip Address with dnsmasq':
- 'Serve And Share Apps From Your Phone With Fdroid':
- 'Nspawn':
- 'Gentoo LXD Container':
- 'Mastodon on Arch':
- 'Debian Nspawn Container On Arch For Testing Apache Configurations':
- 'Dynamic Cacheing Nginx Reverse Proxy For Pacman':
- 'FreeBSD Jails on FreeNAS':
- 'Quick Dirty Redis Nspawn Container on Arch Linux':
- 'Quick Dirty Postgresql Nspawn Container on Arch Linux':
- 'Misc Tips, Trouble Shooting':
- 'Self Signed Certs':
- 'Selfoss on Centos7':
- 'Stupid Package Manager Tricks':
- 'Stupid KVM Tricks':