ebuild personal stash

Updated 17 hours ago

personal PKGBUILD stash

Updated 19 hours ago

FreeCodeCamp Challenges

Updated 7 months ago

A Python Script to Generate a Report to Rank Hugo Themes

Updated 11 months ago

a concise guide to portland oregon webapp built with flutter

Updated 1 year ago

android flutter app that parses gps coordinates from map locations that are shared from a map application

Updated 1 year ago

your laptop has two batteries, and you log into the cinnamon desktop

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 2 years ago

repo for a documentation website

Updated 2 years ago

SENDXMPPHandler for Python logging

Updated 4 weeks ago

Gentoo Nspawn Container on Ubuntu 17.04 on Digital Ocean.

Updated 3 years ago

Install SolusOS with Raid0 /home

Updated 4 years ago

fish powerline on ubuntu the easy way

Updated 3 years ago

Arch Headless Virt Install

Updated 2 years ago

Python SSH Nagios/Icinga Scripts for Checking System Updates.

Updated 3 years ago

A flask web app and dashboard for automatically scaling photos

Updated 3 days ago