personal PKGBUILD stash
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Trent Palmer 3998485a22 version bump 6 commits vim-youcompleteme-git 2 weeks ago
adb-sync-git add adb-sync-git 4 years ago
deoplete update deoplete to version 6.1-1 1 year ago
deoplete-git version bump 3 commits deoplete-git 2 weeks ago
deoplete-jedi-git version bump 1 commits deoplete-jedi-git 2 weeks ago
deoplete-ternjs-git version bump 3 commits deoplete-ternjs-git 3 years ago
nodejs-tern update nodejs-tern to version 0.24.3-2 per packaging fix 1 year ago
nvim-yarp-git version bump 2 commits nvim-yarp-git 6 months ago
python2-requests-futures add python2-requests-futures-1.0.0 3 years ago
vim-closetag-git version bump 2 commits vim-closetag-git 6 months ago
vim-dart-plugin-git version bump 5 commits vim-dart-plugin-git 3 years ago
vim-hug-neovim-rpc-git fix source var in PKGBUILD vim-hug-neovim-rpc-git 4 months ago
vim-lightline-git version bump 3 commits vim-lightline-git 2 months ago
vim-lsc add vim-lsc start with version 0.3.2 tested on raspberrypi 4 years ago
vim-youcompleteme-git version bump 6 commits vim-youcompleteme-git 2 weeks ago
vimscripts-autoclose add option to not install vimscripts-autoclose to /usr/share/nvim/* 5 years ago update README 4 years ago

Where are we Dorothy?

Stash of Arch Linux PKGBUILDS, some of which are forks, some of which are inspired, and also some which are updates to outdated AUR packages.

Additionally, I have some PKGBUILDS here merely so I can track their updates with my own scripts.

Live Git PKGBUILD tip

If you want to modify a PKGBUILDS to pull a particular commit, you can edit the source like so.

# source=("${_name}::${url//https/git}")