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  Trent Palmer 6965a1bae9 add \n after regex substitution that adds quotes after double-dotted 1 year ago
  Trent Palmer 467bc4356a rank_hugo_themes.py fix changed commit date result from gitlab api 1 year ago
  Trent Palmer 4cf1427ced fix links in README 2 years ago
  Trent Palmer 25d2cb64bd rank_hugo_themes.py implement sqlalchemy instead of sqlite3 2 years ago
  Trent Palmer 69577a605f open website links in new page, target='_blank' 2 years ago
  Trent Palmer 7e4195365a handle themes that come from gitlab (instead of from github), 2 years ago
  Trent Palmer 14e4a84d20 update README with updated page url 2 years ago
  Trent Palmer 33e783964f combine two report pages into one, add sort by tag to report 2 years ago
  Trent Palmer 1f8cfdb021 update README because of python rewrite 2 years ago
  Trent Palmer 8a6c39d6b8 complete rewrite in python instead of bash, using sqlite database, 2 years ago
  Trent Palmer e0c6861836 delete example_output 2 years ago
  Trent Palmer 8b851665b2 update url to raw example output, to avoid cdn cache 4 years ago
  Trent Palmer d83715fc3f update example_output, add bullet list of report features to README, add 4 years ago
  Trent Palmer 42d9dff5d4 fix star_gazers assignment for theme repos which are forks 4 years ago
  Trent Palmer aa36b4e6da added string test to make sure variables are being set 4 years ago
  Trent Palmer d3964b23dc update README with link for raw file of example_output 4 years ago
  Trent Palmer 5fe8efb2bb added example_output and adjusted spacing in printf statement 4 years ago
  Trent Palmer f1d972d2c6 extend README and add script 4 years ago
  Trent Palmer 9152b3b339 Initial commit 4 years ago